Nayadic M6-Evolution

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The Nayadic M6 Evolution is a new, innovative treatment system available from WetlandsPacific Corp.        It features a complete system in a single tank, requiring only a sinlge excavation. Nayadic wastewater treatment plants are fully approved by the BC Ministry of Health, and the National Sanitation Foundation under Standard 40 as a Class I Plant.

The M6-EV, designed for ease of installation provides pre-treatment, advanced secondary treatment, dosing tank in a compact, light-weight design. Easy to install & maintain. All-in-one means greater reliability:

Small footprint reduces land allotment requirements. Inclusive equipment; includes everything but the field.




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  • Tank
  • Sanitary tees
  • Control panel for either demand or time dosing
  • Junction box for electrical connections
  • External compressor (optional enclosure available),
  • Effluent filter
  • High head discharge pump.


  • 310 gal. Pre-Treatment Tank
  • 500 gal. Per Day Treatment Module
  • 830 gal. Dose Tank


  • Fibreglass Reinforced Resin
  • Weight: 550 kg / 1220 lbs
  • Excavation Depth: 2.08m / 82"
  • Inlet Invert: 1.88m / 74"


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • ½ hp, 115 volt, single phase, high head effluent pump
  • 0.080” stainless steel intake screen
  • 2 gpm – 35 gpm at up to 225’ of head height.

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Nayadic M6-EV (left) replaces the need for the three traditional components (right)