Residential Wastewater Management Systems

WetlandsPacific Corp. designs, installs and maintains onsite wastewater management and treatment systems for residences. Based on North America's original fiberglass extended aeration treatment plant, the Nayadic, the systems we install, are permanent, provided they receive regular maintenance. Each design is tailored to the individual lot and, where possible, to the preferences of the owners. When coupled with our patented Vegetative Tertiary Filter (VTF), valuable yard space can be saved. Your onsite wastewater treatment system can now be an attractive garden, a landscape feature, or blend into the natural background. No ugly sand mounds! Contact us  today for more information or to set up a site visit


Located on heavy clay soils, the homeowner’s next best option was to nearly fill their front yard with a sand mound. Instead they have a very attractive flower garden.



Cattails Typha lattifolia
Installed on acreage in expanding clay fill soils, the vegetation initially measured less than 4 m x 4 m (12’ x 12’). Biologically-based systems can adapt and grow to use whatever water and nutrients they are given whereas pipes never will. The cattails now occupy an area ten times the size when they were planted. For more information see Growth of VTF Constructed Wetland Over Time