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Gunnera manicata are part of the VTF septic system at the Port Renfrew Hotel, Port Renfrew

Serving Victoria Area Homeowners Since 1994

WetlandsPacific Corp. has been meeting the needs for septic systems in the Greater Victoria area, from Port Renfrew though Sooke, Metchosin, Victoria, Central and North Saanich, BC. To better serve the diverse needs of Victoria residents, we provide innovative onsite wastewater treatment system design, construction, management, and septic system service solutions, such as our award winning, Vegetative Tertiary Filter (VTF).


A VTF installed on a water front estate in Metchosin

Solving Your Septic System Issues in Victoria, BC

WetlandsPacific is the most innovative onsite wastewater treatment (i.e. “septic systems”) company serving the Victoria area. We provide ecologically intelligent, environmentally sensitive, economically considerate wastewater treatment and reclamation solutions, which typically exceed all regulatory standards. A leader in biologically advanced wastewater treatment solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with prompt, high quality services to customers such as yourself at fair prices. We provide everything from secondary treatment systems, Nayadic & Multi-Flo, WetlandsPacific At-Grade, the award winning Vegetative Tertiary Filter, greywater wetlands and free water surface constructed wetlands for larger flows, generally over 10,00 L-day (2,500 ig-day) . WetlandsPacific also provides treatment systems for subdivisions, commercial and industrial businesses, and municipalities.


Sign for a VTF installed at the Prospect Lake, Victoria, Community Centre


The mission of WetlandsPacific is to promote a sustainable environment, which is reflected in the septic system products we install and sell. In keeping with our commitment, we underwent a comprehensive audit in March 2011, to become the first company on Vancouver Island to receive a Green Business Certification from the Institute for Green Business Certification.


A VTF installed on a waterfront property in the University of Victoria/Cadboro Bay area


A VTF installed in the North Saanich area of Victoria


The Vegetative Tertiary Filter is the most biologically sophisticated, yet mechanically simple, widely installed Type 3+ system used in Western Canada. VTF incorporates the functionality of constructed wetlands by using peat for final polishing to remove trace contaminants such as endocrine disrupting compounds, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products (EDC/P/PCP). Invented in British Columbia by an applied wetland scientist who designs constructed wetlands for subdivisions, communities, commercial developments, and landfills, the VTF has been granted a Canadian and two U.S. patents, and has won several awards.
VTF are often the only solution to very challenging sites. No unsightly sand mounds!

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Do you have a wet soggy area over your septic field? You may have a failing or failed septic field.

Conventional septic fields (septic tank + dispersal field) typically last about 20 years before the soil plugs up with biomat (a black slime produced anaerobic bacteria feeding on septic tank effluent). We can ususally fix a failed field without having to excavate (dig up) your landscaping by installing an advanced secondary treatment plant, such as Nayadic or Multi-Flo between the septic tank and the dispersal field.


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